Weeknight Bulgogi Bowls

I’m convinced that bowls were created so moms could clear out their refrigerators by disguising a bunch of veggies and fixins with some delicious sauce. It’s a thing, I swear.

As I now have a refrigerator of my own that is full of vegetables I can’t finish, I’ve become accustomed to making some sort of dinner bowl for me and my boyfriend weekly. We switch it up whether we’re feeling Mexican burrito bowls, Asian rice bowls or Hawaiian poke bowls, but lately I’ve been a huge fan of Korean Bulgogi bowls. 

For those of you who don’t know, Bulgogi, which means “fire meat,” (lol, what?), is a Korean dish made from thin slices of marinated meat that are grilled on a BBQ or on a griddle. But a pan works fine too if you don’t have a teppanyaki grill on deck.

My wonderful sister bought me a cookbook a few years ago called Smoke and Pickles that is chock full of bomb Korean-Southern fusion recipes. Bet you didn’t know that was a thing, did you? Chef Edward Lee knows what he’s doing, so I use his recipe for Bulgogi Beef which calls for garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil and other basic ingredients that Asian food lovers like myself keep as staples.

But if you’re starving AF and can’t wait the 20 minutes of marinade time, Trader Joe’s offers pre-marinated Bulgogi in the meat section that is a pretty good substitute and has served me well during the times when I’m lazy/hangry. It happens.

My favorite part about these bowls is that you can totally customize them. I personally like to serve them over a bed of cauliflower rice or brown rice, garnished with sliced cucumbers, broccoli, cilantro, shrooms, onions, a fried egg and a whole lotta kimchi (because probiotics).


This time, I followed Mr. Lee’s recipe to a T and enjoyed a Bulgogi Bowl with an outstanding corn remoulade sauce and some collards. Southerners really do do it best.



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